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June 17, 2010
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Asteroid field by jamajurabaev Asteroid field by jamajurabaev
This is the series of quick thumbnails that i`ve done for new tutorial for 2dartist magazine.

i am developing one of these right now,
but will be glad to hear your feedback on these))

Thank you.
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mutiny-in-the-air Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good stuff you are really getting a lot out of the lasso tool.
btw could you please tell me how you did the lens flares in the first one? I am dying to know.
jamajurabaev Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
Hi, thank you))

the lens flare is made in Optical Flares plugin for After Effects..
check it out please!)
mutiny-in-the-air Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you created it in AE and then pasted it into photoshop? I was hoping there was a way to do it in PS.
jamajurabaev Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
Yep, exactly like you said)

but you can google for any lens flare plugins for Photoshop!
retricity Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
I'm amazed just how much atmosphere you manage to create using only rough shapes and effects. I bet one could produce brilliant storyboards before lunch break using this.
The blurred vessel in Thumbnail #2 is my favorite feature, it adds a lot of depth and perceived detail to the scenery. Also great choice of color, especially for the bottom one. :)

If it was not listed in "conceptual" I would have taken it for a finished minimal piece.
ageshero Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
I have to ask for this again, lol if it isnt already out.

A tutorial of your technique, in depth on how you create your stuff.

Things like, What tools you use, how you get the lens flares that you do, what techniques you use for certain things.
And how you get the kind of gradient looking paint on the lasso tooled objects.

I ask this because its very important to myself for making backgrounds, and really breathtaking scenes like you make.

Im trying to make a comic myself, i need to be that reliable artist for scenery.

<_< I demand it, lol
jamajurabaev Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010

I am prepearing a tutorial for 2d artist magazine,
there is going to be in-depth tutorial, including several videos showing lasso technique and many more)

I will share it with you as soon as i finish it)
ageshero Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
This sounds very good. lol deal.
eWKn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Professional
great thumbs, they got a very cinematic feel which is nice :) Great gradients of light in these mate
ZombieL Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
I love how clear and crisp the colors are! So amazing!
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